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Disney’s “Cinderella” has crossed the $500 million threshold at the global box office, TheWrap reports.

Since its stellar $67.8 million debut March 13, “Cinderella” has taken in nearly $195 million and is the third-highest grossing film of the year domestically. Its international gross to date is more than $308 million. “Cinderella” most recently opened at No. 1 in Japan, its final international market, with the biggest opening day and weekend of the year for a Western release.

The film also performed very well in China, where it rolled up $71 million after posting that country’s biggest March opening ever with $25 million. Other top markets included the U.K. ($29 million), Japan ($21 million), Italy and Australia ($17 million), Brazil ($16 milion) and Mexico ($15 million).

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The writer David Nicholls known for his book ‘One Day’, and actor in other times, who has worked with Helena in the film “Great Expectations” gave an interview to the Telegraph UK site and dedicated some words to Helena, Carey Mulligan and also Ralph Fiennes.

“I miss the company of actors. I really love actors.. and in quite a childish, star-struck way. If I’m trying to talk to Ralph Fiennes or Carey Mulligan or Helena Bonham-Carter, there’s a voice in my head going, ‘It’s THEM’. I never really did a single moment of good acting but I liked being in rehearsals and I liked the kind of conversations that directors and actors would have and I don’t get to do that now.”

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A new video has been released with some unseen footage from behind the scenes of the film ‘Cinderella‘ where let’s remember, Helena plays the Fairy Godmother. You can see Helena, at minute 1:52

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Helena was seen and photographed by some fans in London the past day April 30th. Check out the images below.

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