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Focus Features announced Friday that it will release ‘Suffragette’, a drama about the early women’s movement starring Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan, in exclusive engagements on Oct. 23, 2015.

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From the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland to Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter, Helena Bonham Carter is celebrated the world over for the eccentric characters that she brings to life with a helping hand from the costume department. However, when it comes to dressing herself, she is still searching for what suits.

“I’m still looking for my style essentials as I never feel that I get it particularly right,” she told us in her silky-smooth, mock-exasperated tone. “Sometimes people show me things in the papers and it really isn’t what I meant to look like. They should see me in the mirror at home – then it looked alright, then it looked like it all went together!”

It is clear, from only a few moments in the Oscar-nominated actress’s company, that while regular column inches in the media attempt to define her by her personal sense of style, it really doesn’t matter what is said in the least, as Bonham Carter has an open, optimistic and very pragmatic outlook on life, expressed with a conspiritorial sense of humour.

“For me, the style essential is having a sense of fun and feeling that you can transform the inside depending on what you put on the outside. Every bit of clothing can evoke a little characteristic that was screaming to be expressed,” she revealed. “But I’m honestly not good at sitting still. That’s why I get criticised. I put some foundation on, if that, but it’s not a ritual and it’s quite haphazard. I’m quite bad in a sense that I recycle my make-up too. I don’t wash it off the night before so it’s quite eco really. The hair lasts too, I try to make it last about a week and a half. It’s fabulous until you tell your children to brush their hair and they point out that you haven’t brushed yours for a month.”


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Helena attended the BBC Films’ 25th Anniversary Reception at BBC Broadcasting House. You can see +30 photos below.

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Disney unveiled a spectacular free exhibition of costumes and props from their new Cinderella movie in London on 19 March. Movie-goers in Leicester Square will be able to experience the costumes in person straight after seeing the film, including the famous slippers and the exhibition is open to the public from 21 March to 10 April. See the photos (HQ) below.

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You also can see these photos of Helena arriving at London’s Leicester Square for the event.

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Helena attended the UK Premiere of “Cinderella” at Odeon Leicester Square, where she signed autographs and took some photos with fans. Check out +50 UHQ photos below. Thanks to farfarawaysite and HBC_group for the photos.

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Cinderella premiered today, and with that, Helena offered an exclusive interview to the site where she talked about her role as Fairy Godmother and also told some details about the movie. Read the interview down below.

When Helena Bonham Carter was cast in the pivotal role of the Fairy Godmother in director Kenneth Branagh’s new live-action version of “Cinderella“, there were some rumblings of surprise on the Internet, where various journalists questioned whether she was better suited to play the wicked stepmother instead.

Given her past as deliciously evil Bellatrix Lestrange in the last four “Harry Potter” films and the delightfully funny but unforgiving Red Queen (“Off with their heads!”) in “Alice in Wonderland,” some thought that despite her experience with a wand, the magical staff that the Fairy Godmother was better suited for somebody not known for playing such dark characters.