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Here’s a new photo of Helena characterized as Frida Kahlo for an upcoming photoshoot by Lorenzo Agius, who has worked with Helena several times. We hope to see the result soon.


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A new video has been released with some unseen footage from behind the scenes of the film ‘Cinderella‘ where let’s remember, Helena plays the Fairy Godmother. You can see Helena, at minute 1:52

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Kenneth Branagh, director of ‘Cinderella’ recently gave an interview where he explained the concepts behind the pictures and how the film came to life. Kenneth also told us a little bit more about Helena’s role as the Fairy Godmother.

Helena Bonham Carter plays a deliciously ditzy and well-meaning fairy godmother who seems not necessarily to be in perfect control of her powers. We see here that look of slight apprehension. Helena wanted a touch of the yummy mummy and talked about Mae West and Marilyn Monroe. She was also very keen to have wings. Sandy was a little anti-wing to begin with, but came around. Her dress was lit from the inside – there’s a whole disco rig underneath there – and we had guys following her with a battery, so it would light up when she lifted her wand. We had real and CGI pumpkins, plus a huge inflatable one. This is made from polystyrene and the sculptors inserted a weight because we wanted it to have the weight of a real pumpkin.

Check out these new photos.

Cinderella41.jpg Cinderella5.jpg